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Natural stone floors, patios, porches, and everything in between are becoming increasingly more popular in Austin Texas and beyond. Natural stone provides solid beauty at a decent price and is made that much better when you work with a team that can help clean, protect, and restore it. ATX Stone Sealers is that team and we can’t wait to show you the natural beauty you can add to your home or business. Established in 2016, ATX Stone Sealers has proudly served the Austin Texas area in all things natural stone. Our mission is to provide a service that not only protects your investment but gives you the knowledge to truly reach your property dreams. Every service we provide has this goal in mind from our professional sealing that protects your stone floors and patios for years at a time to our restoration services that bring natural stone that has faded back into the spotlight.

Why Choose Us

Always the difficult question when it comes to choosing between a group of experts in their field. What truly separates us from other companies, however, is our one-stop shop approach.

While you can hire a contractor for cleaning, one for sealing, one for repairs, and one for restoration of your stone floors – we provide all of that in one place and so much more. Here are just a few examples of what our service offers the people of Austin Texas: 

Repair of structurally compromised stone that could cause safety and liability issues

Restoration of 20-year-old marble floors to bring them back to their glossy and exuberant state

Honing and cleaning of stone restaurant floors to improve curb appeal

Adding limestone to an outside garden and sealing it to protect against the elements

The examples above are just a tasted of what a company following the one-stop shop can accomplish and all at the same time! 

Now that you know a bit about what we can do for you, here’s a bit more on the process we take to get you there. The process typically starts with a free estimate of the work needing to be done followed by an evaluation of which services need to be put together to achieve the finished look. For example, if you’re looking to have a glossy marble floor sealed, we would start with our cleaning service to remove any unwanted dirt and debris, followed by a polishing and sealing service to really bring out the shine and protect it for multiple years. Our cleaning service can also be called out again for touch-ups, so your marble floors remain beautiful as long as you have them.  

Hopefully you’re starting to get the picture of why we would be the BEST choice for your cleaning, sealing, or other needs related to natural stone. Our years of experience, one-stop shop mentality, and world class customer service will ensure any job you bring us is done right. 

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