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Granite, while resistant, can become stained over time due to foot traffic, as well as spills and other common residential and commercial accidents. To really protect the natural beauty of your granite floors and countertops, knowing more about this amazing material and whether sealing is right for you is a must.  

What Are the Characteristics of Granite?

Granite is a type of igneous (magmatic) rock that is both heat and stain resistant. These qualities are further exemplified by its wide range of colors and its usability as both countertop and floor material. When it comes to durability, granite is a bit of an odd duck. Granite rates around an eight out of ten on the Mohs scale which is used to grade the hardness of minerals. However, when used without sealing on countertops and floors, it is prone to cracking especially close to where the granite was cut. Luckily, our team provides sealing which helps protect against the elements. 

a finished building interior featuring a granite floor

The Granite Floor Sealing Process

Our granite sealing service includes all types of granite installed for your floors as well as your countertops. Sealing granite floors (and any other types of granite for that matter) requires specific steps to verify if sealing is necessary and performing the actual sealing itself.  

Before applying granite stone sealer, our team always starts by: 

9 times out of 10, especially if you run a business, sealing your granite floors is the way to go. Sealant acts as a protection against foot traffic, spills, and everything in between as it shields the stone from immediate staining and erosion. Yes, if the spill is left on the floor, it will eventually seep past the sealant level and stain the floor but if immediately cleaned, you’ll keep your beautiful granite floor for years to come.  

The process after confirming sealer is needed is to first clean the area of any debris, dirt, grime, or other unwanted elements. Then, if polishing or honing is desired, perform the necessary work to get this applied. After this, we use premium grade sealer that typically will last two to six years with proper care.  

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Granite Countertop Sealing in Your Home or Business

Sealing granite countertops on the other hand is a bit more of a mixed bag. While sealing countertops is considered a far better protection than not doing it at all, depending on the grade of the slab and color, it may not be needed.

If deciding whether you should add sealing in your home or business, ask yourself the following questions: 

  • Is this an area I do not want to dull over time? 
  • Is this an area where there is a lot of spills and the possibility of unwanted staining? 

If you answered yes to either of these questions, sealing is probably right for you. As briefly touched on in the floor sealing section, while granite is highly resistant to staining, resistance doesn’t mean complete immunity. As such, areas that are not sealed will dull faster than others and if spills are left on untreated surfaces, it will leave a stain. If the staining or dulling become too bad though, don’t worry as we also offer granite restoration and repair! 

How Does Granite Restoration & Repair Work?

Granite restoration is the process of restoring the original beauty of a granite installation. This is typically done by cleaning the area followed by a polishing or honing treatment and finally sealing it to ensure it stays for a long time.  

The only difference between restoration and repair are the methods employed. Minor repairs can often be done with resin but if a large crack or hole has developed on your property that could cause a safety issue, a full repair (replacement) may be in order. Typically, our restoration services cover minor repairs as well so be sure to mention how severe the damage is when you call in.

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