Saltillo Tile Cleaning &
Sealing Austin TX

Saltillo tile is a showstopper when installed both inside and out of any business establishment or home. Its unique design and one-of-a-kind nature match our “Keep Austin Weird mentality to the letter. Our customers just love our Saltillo tile services and we just know you will too! 

What are the Characteristics of Saltillo Tile?

Saltillo tile has been coined as perfectly imperfect due to its handcrafted nature. Derived from Saltillo clay found in a city bearing the same name in Mexico, each square tile is handmade resulting in a unique and beautiful result. These tiles are great for both in and outdoors as they are eco-friendly and generally feel soft on the feet. Unfortunately, these are very prone to discoloration and staining but lucky for you, ATX Stone Sealers provides both Saltillo tile cleaning and sealing services! 

The Proper Method for Saltillo Tile Cleaning

Saltillo tile is made from clay and as such is susceptible to many of the same issues as alternative natural stones. Undiluted vinegar, bleach, lime juice, or any other cleaning solution will ruin your beautiful, handmade, Saltillo tile. In fact, don’t even think about using vinegar or bleach in the first place! 

Our Saltillo tile cleaning service uses only PH neutral soaps (soaps with a PH value of 0) and specialty cleaning machines to ensure your one-of-a-kind tile does not lose its beauty after the first cleaning. If you do decide to go it alone, use the following “recipe” to create your own solution for giving your tile a good cleaning.  

  • 6 cups warm water 
  • ½ – 1 cup of dish soap 

This concentration should be light enough to not cause permanent scarring when cleaning your Saltillo tile while removing the stains and discoloration from it at the same time. To really prevent the loss of beauty though, we recommend using a premium grade Saltillo tile sealer as well. 

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When to Consider Saltillo Tile Sealing

As mentioned, Saltillo Mexican tile is very susceptible to both discoloration and staining. As such, sealing is considered a MUST for any homeowner who wants the unique look of Saltillo flooring without having to worry about constant cleaning and the possibility of irreversible staining or damage.  

Our process for sealing either Saltillo tile kitchens, bathrooms, and outside areas generally follows the same flow of actions. We will review the current state of the tile, provide a deep non-harmful cleaning to remove any current dirt or grime, and apply a high-quality sealant to finish the job.  

After the sealant is applied, we still recommend cleaning any spills or items that could possibly stain the Saltillo tile as while sealant is a protector, it can only protect from so much. If your Saltillo tile does become very stained or discolored, however, we also offer a world class Saltillo tile restoration service.

a newly built room with saltillo floor tiles

How Does Saltillo Restoration & Repair Work?

If your Saltillo has started to look dull and drained of its color, trust us, it’s not your fault. Natural stone over time will eventually lose its luster and Saltillo is no different. This can be due to regular foot traffic, weather, cleanings, spills, and everything in between. Long story short, as it receives regular wear and tear, it will begin to lose some of its visual appeal. Don’t fret though as our restoration and repair services can help bring back its unique beauty in no time.  

Our Saltillo restoration service begins with an evaluation of the area, followed by a deep clean, and finally a specialty honing that will avoid destroying the surface area, as we understand that Saltillo is considered completely custom. This process will typically fix any minor blemishes, scratches, or cracks with a result of the color returning to the top of your Saltillo tile just like the day you got it.  

Should any part of the tile appear to be beyond restoration, our team can assist with replacing the Saltillo Mexican tile with new pieces that should fit right where you had them before. While this is typically a very rare type of issue, especially when you have previously sealed your Saltillo tile, we always go above and beyond for our Austin Texas neighbors if they are in need. We want your home to look just as beautiful as you’ve always dreamed of.  

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