Travertine Cleaning &
Polishing Austin TX

While travertine does share some similarities to traditional limestone, its aesthetic appeal makes it more versatile when it comes down to the best places to install it. Here’s a few more reasons we just love travertine!

What are the Characteristics of Travertine?

Travertine is a type of limestone that is often used for walls, tiling, and other interior decorations. Travertine shares many of limestone’s drawbacks including its porous nature and a tendency to remain cool during the winter. However, its beautiful natural finish and relatively high durability are known to immediately increase a home’s value after installation. Proper care goes a long way with travertine, so be sure to ask about our travertine cleaning and sealing services.

The Proper Method for Travertine Floor Cleaning

Just like limestone, Travertine does not do well with harsh chemicals. If you’re a DIYer, then we highly recommend creating a heavily diluted mixture of soap and water. You can use this solution to mop the floor as well as spot clean anything you may notice without the worry of causing more damage to the floor beneath.  

Travertine is a very porous natural stone and as such, it absorbs everything at a higher rate than others. This causes issues when heavy chemicals are used as the pores suck them up which begins to degrade the surface and cause major discoloration that sometimes can not be restored.  

Luckily, a good cleaning by a professional team followed by a good sealing can prevent costly mistakes. Oh, and before we forget the best part of all, let’s talk travertine polishing. 

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The Benefits of Travertine Floor Polishing

Whether you own a business or are just looking to spruce up the entryway of your home, going with our travertine polishing service will not only increase any room’s appeal but may just leave your guests breathless.  

Our polishing service includes a deep comprehensive cleaning of your travertine tile floor followed by honing and polishing to perfection. Polishing really brings out the shine hidden within the travertine material resulting in a glossy, smooth, surface that is gorgeous to observe. 

Honing can also be done which acts in a similar way as polishing but doesn’t leave as glossy of a surface. This is usually desirable in rooms where too much shine may draw attention to unwanted areas or simply cause visual discomfort due to its placement. Our experts are here to discuss both options and regardless of which you go with, we recommend sealing your travertine floor.  

Do you need Travertine Floor Sealing?

Yes, you do. Due to it being very similar to limestone, travertine and its pores are open to the world. While regular cleaning can help prevent costly stains and discoloration from setting in, adding a sealant over your travertine floor will save you both time and money in the long run.  

Our usual process for sealing travertine floors is:

Review of the current state of the floors

Removal of any existing sealing

Comprehensive deep clean of the travertine material

Polishing or honing based on customer preference

The seal is applied

A little more polishing if needed to really bring out the shine

By the end of the process, you’ll notice how much easier it is to not only maintain your travertine but how the sealant truly stops possible contaminants from reaching the pores of the stone which could result in unnecessary bills. While sealant does protect extremely well, no matter how great you maintain natural stone, it will eventually begin to dull, crack, and even chip. If you’ve noticed this starting to occur, then travertine floor restoration may be in the cards.  

How Does Travertine Repair & Restoration Work?

Restoration of travertine effectively restores the natural beauty of the stone after it has dulled or begun to show signs of scuffs and scratches from over the years.  
To restore travertine, our team will perform cleaning, honing/polishing, and finally sealing to bring your installation back to where it once was.  

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