Flagstone Cleaning
& Sealing Austin TX

Austin, TX has become a very popular place for flagstone installments. This is partly due to the ever-changing weather causing flagstone to dry off just as quickly as it is rained on as well as its natural beauty that just seems to scream Texas.

What Are the Characteristics of Flagstone?

Flagstone is a sedimentary rock that is often called a type of sandstone. It has become extremely popular for outdoor installations due to its ease of install, durability, and even its heat resistance. This, coupled with its easy to maintain nature, gives a great cost benefit to adopters as they can typically clean the surface with just a broom or a quick soap/water mopping. The biggest disadvantage is flagstone becomes very slippery when wet if not treated to remove this property.

The Proper Method for Flagstone Cleaning

a backyard view of a house with flagstone flooring

Due to flagstone’s slippery when wet nature, cleaning can be a bit of a chore. 

To be safe, first sweep the area then, from a distance, spray the flagstone surface with water. Use a long-handled mop (or slip resistant shoes and a shorter mop) to scrub the surface with a light soap and water or PH neutral cleaning agent. Once done, use a hose to spray it off, let it dry, then follow up with another sweeping and you’re done!

The key thing to remember with any flagstone or natural stone installment is the more acidic the cleaning solution (such as bleach or vinegar), the more likely you’ll be to cause permanent damage to your stone. This is just one reason that flagstone greatly benefits from sealing both in and out of the home.

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When to Consider Flagstone Sealing

Flagstone, regardless of where it is located, should be filled with a premium grade sealer to promote longevity. This can also be used to minimize the levels of slippage that occur with natural flagstone.

Flagstone is a great material for outdoors but comes with two major issues. It is porous and prone to becoming slippery when wet. Its porous nature means it will absorb water, dirt, and everything in between, which will eventually cause it to become stained if not cleaned regularly. While it is a very easy to clean stone compared to others out there, leaving grime or dirt for too long will result in discoloration as it seeps deeper into the stone’s pores.

Our team uses some of the best flagstone sealer on the market to lower flagstone patio maintenance significantly. Our process is typically as follows:  

  • We perform a deep comprehensive clean of your flagstone surface 
  • We apply sealant used by leading flagstone sealing companies 
  • We then investigate if additional slip-resistant sealing is needed


That last piece is especially important if you’re looking into sealing flagstone around pool areas. As it’s a key characteristic of flagstone, it may appear difficult to wholly remove this from it. However, by using slip-resistant sealant and some techniques to provide texture as well, we can make flagstone a far safer material whether it’s wet or not. 

How Does Flagstone Repair & Restoration Work?

After searching for flagstone cleaning and sealing near me, the next question is typically “how do I make my natural stones look good again?” 

Whether it’s from the age of the stones, discoloration, weather, and so on – at some point your natural stone installations just won’t look their best. When it comes time to seek restoration of these once beautiful installments, the question of a repair versus a restoration should be considered. 

A repair, in terms of natural stone, is often a matter of applying resin to fill broken gaps followed by a resealing if the damage is minor enough. However, should the damage be a safety hazard for guests to your property, then a full repair (replacement) may be in order.  

Restoration on the other hand can typically include minor repairs as our team will provide cleaning, honing, and anything else needed that will result in the renewed color of your flagstone making it look sometimes even better than brand new. 

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