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Slate has always been a very popular choice for businesses but has slowly become a favorite of homeowners as well due to its ease of maintenance and flexibility. There are so many more facts about slate that we’re just dying to share.

What Are the Characteristics of Slate Floors?

Slate is a metamorphic rock that has clay like properties and easily splits into thin slabs. Slate is a very durable material with natural resistances, making it a great fit for both interior and exterior settings. 

It’s typically darker colored appearance is great at hiding dirt that would otherwise show up on other surfaces and is even easy to clean. 

Slate texture vinyl flooring a popular choice for modern kitchens and bathrooms

The Proper Method of Slate Floor Cleaning

Slate should always be cleaned with a diluted soap and warm water combination. 

If you’re looking for a longer explanation, then look no further! Slate is easy to clean but only when using the right cleaning agents. All natural stone, no matter how resistant, has issues with bleach, vinegar, and other highly acidic substances. As such, soap and water or a PH neutral stone soap are necessary to clean stains and grime from your floors without ruining their precious top layer.  

If an improper cleaning agent is used, the top surface of the slate will have a chemical reaction resulting in the breakdown of essential minerals that provide your floor’s reflective qualities and overall glow. We’ve seen this happen several times, so we feel it’s our responsibility to lay it out for you.  

As with any home improvement project, we recommend hiring an expert team like ATX Stone Sealers who have access to the latest in natural stone cleaning products and machinery but also can give you vital information on how to care for your stone on your own.  Speaking of caring for your slate, let’s talk sealant.  

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Do You Need Slate Floor Sealing?

If you’re looking for your slate floor to last a long time, investing in a good slate cleaner and sealer is a must. Slate tile sealer comes in a wide variety of concentrations and packaging, but you should always look for premium grade product when it comes to sealing your slate floors. But do you even need it? 

Sealing your slate floors:  

  • Protects against staining and discoloration 
  • Adds longevity to the color and shine 
  • When done properly and maintained will only need additional coats after a maximum of six years 

With costs rising for many home services, adding sealant to your slate floor (especially if you have a house that sees plenty of visitors or a business with lots of foot traffic) will save you money in the long run.

If not from direct stains or spills, just protecting against everyday wear and tear will give you peace of mind. To really make It pop though, we recommend polishing your slate floor. 

The image depicts a floor polishing machine in action, with a focus on the polishing pad in contact with the concrete floor. A worker, partially visible and dressed in blue with safety knee pads, operates the machine within a room that features a large window allowing natural light to enter. The environment suggests a construction or renovation setting, with exposed wooden wall panels in the background.

The Benefits of Slate Floor Polishing

Slate, like other metamorphic natural stones, really shines when it is polished or honed to perfection.  

Our team of experts provides both services with each starting with a deep comprehensive clean of the area followed by either honing or polishing depending on your desired result.  

Honing results in a slate floor that is not overly glossy but is flat and still retains its color. This is a perfect choice for areas that do not benefit from the glossy finish that polishing provides. Polishing , on the hand, can really wow some dinner guests as it reflects and shines in a smooth, glossy finish.  

Regardless of which you choose, finding a way to rejuvenate slate floors is just a phone call away! 

How Does Slate Floor Restoration & Repair Work?

Speaking of rejuvenation, our slate floor restoration is perfect for slate floors that have begun to dull in color and just need a pick me up.  

The process for restoration is very similar to the polishing process but special, natural stone safe, abrasives are employed that help remove the dull top layer and reveal the still vibrant lower layers of the stone for stunning results.   

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