Limestone Cleaning &
Sealing Austin TX

With years of experience cleaning, sealing, and polishing limestone in the Austin, Texas area – ATX stone sealers is excited to assist you on your journey towards making the limestone in your home look brand new again. 

What are the Characteristics of Limestone?

Limestone is a sedimentary rock that is primarily made up of calcite and magnesium. This material has become a popular choice for both interior and exterior natural stone installations due to its unique beauty and relative affordability. These do come at a different cost, though, as this material is very prone to scratching and can be slippery if not properly treated. However, the benefits far outweigh these drawbacks, especially when you have a good team like ATX Stone Sealers.

Closeup image of a limestone texture background

The Proper Method for Limestone Cleaning

Unlike other more stain resistant stones, limestone is especially sensitive to acidic substances like vinegar and citrus and will lose its beauty if treated with these. To avoid causing any unnecessary damage, we recommend using a stone soap or a diluted dish soap / warm water solution. Here is the ratio we typically go with:  

  • ½ cup dish soap 
  • 6 cups warm water

That ratio may seem wild, but it will ensure your dish soap is diluted enough not to harm the limestone while still having some cleaning power as well. Our limestone cleaning service, on the other hand, employs several high-quality cleaning tools and hard to get PH neutral (not too acidic and not too basic) soaps that will leave your floors squeaky clean. Our knowledge and experience with this process makes it a quick and easy job. Perfect for those who are also interested in sealing their limestone afterwards. 

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Do You Need Limestone Sealing?

If this is a question you’ve asked yourself a few times, the answer is a resounding YES. Limestone, unlike other materials such as granite, is almost always very porous. These pores love to absorb water, dirt, grime, chlorine, and basically whatever splashes or spills on them. Over time, without sealing, these external factors will cause hardening within the pores of the limestone which will eventually become very difficult to remove stains and structural issues.  

Sealing limestone protects against these intruders while also maintaining the luster and beauty within. If you really want to make the most of your limestone, then our polishing service is exactly what you are looking for.  


Limestone pool decks are incredibly common in the Austin area, but because limestone is a naturally slippery material, a limestone pool deck will become a hazard if not properly treated and cared for. 

The good news is that properly cleaning and sealing your limestone pool deck transforms your limestone into a beautiful, slip-resistant surface that looks great. 

The common misconception is the nature of limestone cannot be changed with sealing and proper application techniques. However, with the addition of texture to limestone pool decks, they can (and do) become a customer favorite choice for pool decking.   

before and after image of a pool deck that has limestone flooring

The Benefits of Limestone Polishing

We offer both limestone floor honing as well as limestone floor polishing. Limestone honing will bring back the luster of your limestone floors while flattening any raised areas and making it a beautiful sight to behold. It is a great step in the restoration process but if you’re looking to really make your floors shine, then polishing is the way to go.  Polishing acts in much the same way that honing does but also aims to improve the glossy nature of your limestone. With the use of different premium limestone buffing, shiner, and other agents, limestone floors, pool decks, and of course countertops will look better than new.

How Does Limestone Repair & Restoration Work?

Like other natural stone materials, if limestone reaches a point where it has lost all its beauty, it can be restored or repaired. The repair or restoration process still typically involves a cleaning, application of resin as needed, and sealing with the characteristics of limestone in mind.  

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