Quartzite Cleaning &
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Quartzite, not to be confused with quartz, is an all-star material when it comes to the kitchen area. Its hardened nature makes it ready for just about any task and its unique veining can turn a countertop into a centerpiece with very little effort.

What are the Characteristics of Quartzite?

Quartzite is a mineral metamorphic rock derived from quartz sandstone. These stones are loved due to their high resistance to scratching and heat as well as their beautiful and unique structure due to how they are formed in nature. Their natural veining patterns are often the talk of the dinner party whether they’re used as flooring or countertops. The biggest downside for this is it does end up in the higher end of pricing compared to its alternatives. However, keeping quartzite cleaned, sealed, and polished makes it all worthwhile.

Close up of green quartzite surface texture

The Proper Method for Quartzite Cleaning

Did you just spill your coffee on your new quartzite floor and are reaching for the white vinegar? Well, don’t!  

Quartzite, while incredibly durable, is very resistant to scratches but all that goes away if a harsh chemical or very acidic substance is applied to tis surface. Bleach, vinegar, and even lemon juice if left long enough will cause damage to the stone that will require a restoration to recover from. It’s recommended if you do happen to spill anything like this on the surface to use water and immediately dilute whatever was spilled as best as possible before wiping it up.  

To properly clean your quartzite flooring or countertops, we recommend only using a dish soap/warm water solution to mop up stains or specialty stone soaps with a neutral PH. These will both avoid causing major damage to your beautiful floors but investing in sealing quartzite countertops or floors will give you even more peace of mind.

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When to Consider Quartzite Sealing

Quartzite is super hard but also very porous. If you have quartzite installed in your kitchen or any area where spills can and will happen, you should seek quartzite sealing.  

The process we follow to seal quartzite will typically involve:  

Examining the quartzite for any structural damage that could require more restorative work

Cleaning the affected area and prepare it for sealing

Sealing the quartzite using specialty tools

Performing honing and polishing services

Once all is said and done, your quartzite will not only be super durable but also far safer from the elements. Sealing typically lasts about two to six years depending on the level of wear and tear incurred during this period. To really make your quartzite pop, we heavily recommend considering our polishing service.  

The Benefits of Quartzite Polishing

Polishing quartzite flooring and countertops adds to its already impressive visual appeal by increasing its over all reflectiveness and glossy nature.  

Our quartzite polishing service will always start by investigating where your quartzite is located then provide a comprehensive cleaning service, followed by polishing, and finally a sealing if required followed by additional buffing.  

The polishing process involves the use of industry standard machinery that refines the crystals located near the surface making them shine brighter and more reflectively that gives the quartzite its most glossy and appealing look.  

While not as stunning as polishing a quartzite floor or countertop, we also offer honing which provides the same smooth texture without all the shine. This is a popular choice for kitchens that are in heavy use or where a high level of glare (such as a sunroom) could be more distracting than elegant in practice. If for some reason you notice that your quartzite, even after a honing or polishing, is starting to lose its natural color, then restoration or repair may be in order. 

closeup look of a kitchen countertop with Quartzite tiles

How Does Quartzite Restoration & Repair Work?

Quartzite’s natural beauty is a true sight to behold but just like any beauty, age can begin to dull its features over time. Our restoration service is perfect for restoring your quartzite flooring and countertops back to how they were when they were first installed.  

To accomplish this, our team first cleans the area then performs honing or polishing to bring the stone back up to snuff before finally applying an additional seal to keep it looking great for years to come. 

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