Granite Polishing Austin TX

If you’re lucky enough to have granite floors or countertops, then you know how great of a material it is! Granite is not only heat resistant but also stain resistant making it perfect for often messy places like kitchens.

Unfortunately, even as great as granite looks when first installed, it will begin to lose its visual appeal over time due to its deceptively durable nature. While remaining one of the world’s hardest materials, the stone is still prone to scuffing, cracks, scratches, and dulling, so occasionally, a good polishing will be needed.

Granite Countertop Polishing

If you’re looking to refinish granite countertops instead, the process is very much like granite floor polishing with a few key differences. Most of the tools used for floor polishing cannot typically be employed in the same way to restore granite countertops. This means that the process is a lot more manual but shouldn’t be much more time consuming compared to floors, as countertops typically amount to far less space.  

Polishing granite countertops involves inspection, cleaning, application of granite shiner or granite buffing, resealing if needed, then further polishing. The biggest difference is the use of handheld tools to accomplish most of this and get the process from start to finish.  

As with floor polishing, we recommend using experts to complete this, but it can be a DIY project as well. The big tip we tell everyone is that not all granite polishing compounds are made the same. Buying premium grade abrasives, polishes, creams, etc. will make all the difference between a shine that lasts and one that needs to be touched up every few weeks or even days.   

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Polishing granite, whether countertop or floor, generally follows a similar process. 

The existing seal (if applicable) is inspected then removed if damage is too great to apply granite shiner, cream, and other buffing compounds directly

The granite is cleaned to perfection with gentle stone cleaning solution that won’t cause future erosion

Finally, additional granite polishing items will be used to really bring out the glossy look

Once cleaned, depending on the level of surface damage, varying levels of granite buffing are applied to remove scuffs and scratches and restore more of the brilliance

After this is completed, if sealant was removed, it is added back over the stones to protect from weathering

This granite restoration process can be done by yourself, but we strongly recommend having an expert perform this for you, especially when it comes to a large floor area. Stone floor contractors utilize tools that make the process a lot easier to complete and end with more favorable results on average. This coupled with access to high end, premium, polishing compounds makes relying on an expert for floor polishing that much easier.  

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