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Marble has traditionally been the “priciest” of materials but with the advent of other equally extravagant stones, its price range has dropped to a more desirable level. With this gate finally being flung open, more and more home and business owners are getting the chance to explore the wonderful world of marble.

What are the Characteristics of Marble?

Marble is a metamorphic rock that is often made up of calcite, limestone, dolomite, and serpentine. This unique combination of different stones forms one of the most sought-after materials when it comes to flooring and countertops. This is due to its wide variety of colors, heat resistance, and its susceptibility to both marble honing and polishing. 

Marble’s biggest drawback is its porous and softer nature compared to its alternatives. Proper sealing and cleaning, however, prevent most of the issues that can arise from using marble.

The Proper Method for Marble Cleaning

Like other natural stone materials, marble’s porous nature is prone to high levels of absorption. Spilt coffee, tomato sauce, and even dirt from someone’s shoes can all lead to damage on the marble in the form of unsightly staining.  

Now before you go and grab the bleach, wait just a bit! Just like limestone, harsh chemicals can cause irreversible damage to marble flooring that are typically far worse than the stain you were going to clean. Yikes! As such, we recommend a diluted solution of soap and water or investing in specialty natural stone soaps that are formulated to have a PH of 0. If that doesn’t entice you though, don’t worry, you can always call ATX Stone Sealers and we’ll take care of it for you.  

Our marble cleaning process involves the use of specialty cleaning machines, those special stone soaps mentioned earlier, and some company secrets to bring your gorgeous marble floors or countertops back to life. Even better, we’ll seal it for you right there and then.  

The image appears to show a person cleaning a kitchen countertop. They are wearing blue rubber gloves and are using a pink cloth to wipe down the glossy stone surface. The kitchen has a modern feel with bright lighting, and there are pink flowers in the background, suggesting a well-kept, hygienic home environment.

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Do You Need Marble Floor Sealing?

Like how you’d use wax to protect the finish of your car, you should use a marble floor sealing service to protect your floor.

Here are just a few benefits of applying a sealant to your marble floor: 

Longer overall lifetime

Sealing, if properly cared for, can last up to six years before another coat is needed

Less need for deep cleanings

Polishing or honing marble is sealed for longer meaning the glow will last that much longer

Speaking on that last point, adding a good seal can really protect your marble floors from staining, dulling, and other natural processes that slowly degrade the beauty of your marble. We highly recommend considering both honing and polishing as each have their own benefits and lead to stunning results.

The Benefits of Marble Floor Polishing

If you’ve been looking for marble floor polishing near me and you live in the Austin, TX area – look no further! Our floor polishing service includes cleaning and sealing to ensure your floors glow just like the first day they were installed.  

We accomplish this with the use of several natural stone safe abrasives, polishes, shines, specialty equipment, and much more. The result is a smooth glossy surface that will wow your next visitors whether they be house guests or customers to your business.  

Marble floor honing, on the other hand, provides similar levels of cleaning and care for the natural stone but results in a non-glossy finish that is perfect for areas that would not benefit from too shiny of a surface.


Marble floor restoration starts with an evaluation of the current state of the marble to judge whether complete sealant stripping is needed or if the restoration can occur without its removal. This varies based on the age of the sealant but, as we established earlier, a properly sealed marble floor is a must.  

Once evaluations are complete, our team will then perform a comprehensive clean of the area followed by either honing or polishing based on customer preference. This process tends to eliminate most minor scratches, scuffs, and undesirable marks the marble has developed over the years while also bringing back its color. 

Once the honing or polishing is completed, a new seal will be applied as needed followed by a few more buffs from our machine.

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