a before and after picture of travertine floor polish work

Stone Cleaning

Our stone cleaning service provides a deep comprehensive clean to your residential or commercial installations. Over time, natural stone will become stained or discolored as well as accumulate mold, mildew, and even calcium deposits. These not only lower the beauty of your installations but, over time, can cause the material to degrade at a faster rate. To restore these surfaces, our team uses a combination of pressure washing, soda blasting, and some company secrets that leave the stones so clean you could eat off of them! We don’t recommend that though.
Before and after comparison of a concrete walkway, showing cleaning results, with a curved edge bordering grass.

Stone Sealing

Stone sealing is the process of applying sealer to stones to prevent future staining and erosion. This is particularly useful when it comes to stone that will be near a high moisture area (such as a pool deck) or just stones that need to retain their looks such as for a business. Stone sealer typically comes in two varieties, glossy and matte. After cleaning and polishing the stone, our team would apply sealing which would fill any pores and cracks and leave a long-lasting and beautiful surface. Sealed stone requires far less heavy cleaning and maintenance, as erosion is slowed down significantly.
This image showcases a before and after view of floor tiles near a doorway. The 'before' shows dull, smudged tiles, while the 'after' reveals cleaner, more lustrous tiles, indicating effective cleaning or restoration.

Stone Polishing

Over time, materials such as marble and limestone will eventually lose their glow. This occurs most frequently in high foot and vehicle traffic areas where dirt, grime, and other external factors bleed deep into the stone causing the reflective quality of the material to dim. The goal of any good stone polishing service is to restore that shine. Our team uses a variety of tools to refine those crystals embedded in the surface which returns that glow and further enhances it with additional polishing materials making it appear glossy.
The image shows a "before" and "after" comparison of a floor surface. The "before" image at the top depicts a dull, scratched floor, while the "after" image below shows the floor restored with a smooth, reflective finish, suggesting a successful cleaning or refinishing.

Stone Honing

Unlike stone polishing which aims to bring out the glow, stone honing is the procedure used to smooth and flatten stone with very little shine (if any). Stone honing is perfect for businesses that want the look of a smoothed natural stone floor, patio, or porch but don’t want to have the glossy look that occurs with polishing. To achieve this, our team uses industry-standard machines and abrasives to reform the stone into your desired look.
Before and after comparison of a walkway cleaning: pre-washed stained concrete slabs versus post-washed clean and bright path.

Stone Repair & Restoration

Common issues that occur with stone are chipping, holes, cracks, and of course stains/dulling. Luckily, our repair and restoration services can help fix this homeowners’ nightmare. Repair is often recommended when you notice stone that could become a safety issue for your family or customers. This process will involve us sourcing stone to replace what you have already and fitting it in with the same sealing used before. Restoration on the other hand combines our cleaning service with either our polishing or honing services to restore your stone to where it was before. This type of project can even be done on minor chips and cracks and our team is happy to provide a free estimate to help you decide!
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